Welcome to Vintage by Crystal! We are Crystal and Ben Sloane, a husband and wife crafting team that creates a whimsical world of vintage inspired spun cotton figures & ornaments right in our home studio in beautiful upstate New York.

Spun Cotton is a lost art that was developed over 100 years ago in Victorian Germany by cottage artisans who made the now rare antique cotton holiday ornaments.  The war interrupted production and the industry was largely lost. Japan later mimicked the style using machine pressed cotton called 'watte'. While no one knows exactly how this extraordinary craftsmanship was executed, over a century later we have been inspired by the surviving relics. Through much trial and error, we have developed and perfected our own new spin on an age old craft and since 2005 have made countless mini works of art.

Each charming piece is carefully handcrafted and is unique in and of itself, whether it is part of an open edition or a genuine one of a kind creation.  We use a wide range of materials beyond cotton, including forest floor finds, old antiques and forgotten treasures. We try our best to use already existing supplies.  Our passion is to scour antique fairs, flea markets, yard sales, and even beaches and woodlands in search of the perfect doodads that make our art unique. 

The figures and ornaments we create are made with complete love and care and include a wide variety of animals, characters, cake toppers, inanimate objects brought to life, and anything that manifests from our imaginations. Our sweet daughter Olive is extremely eager to "help" and one day may become part of the family team!

We are constantly creating new pieces and making them available on our blog and in our Etsy shop, so check back often.  For information on buying, check out the "buy"  page.